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About Crystal Beds

Crystal Bed

Those of you who have been to the Casa will be familiar with the Crystal bed - the Entity regularly 'prescribes' sessions on the bed to help supplement the healing process.

There are thirteen crystal beds located in buildings adjacent to the main Casa building. Each bed has 7 quartz crystals suspended above the bed which align with and correspond to the 7 chakras of the human body. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 minutes while listening to soothing music. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. The Entity may prescribe crystal-bed therapy for you, or you may choose to have a therapeutic session on your own.

Casa Crystal Beds around the world

Please select your country to see the list of individuals who have purchased Crystal beds from the Casa and have got approval from the Entity to offer treatment sessions at home:



Anne Schernich
Address:Im Wiesengrund 7 B, D - 64673 Zwingenberg
Telephone:0049 - 6251 866 70 46
Bettina Windhoff - Franz Schmidt
Address:Stauffenbergstrasse 39 72074 Tübingen
Brigitte Müller
Address:Auf der Schanz 19 D-65936 Frankfurt
Telephone:+0049/69/34826338 fax +0049/69/34826339 Noeldeke
Address:Hinterhauserstr.8, 78464 Konstanz
Telephone:0049(0)7531 62870
Eva Wagner (HPG) - Praxis für Spirituelle Psychotherapie
Address:Münchner Str. 38 83607 Holzkirchen
Telephone:0049 (0) 8024/ 60 89 373
Helena Schmidt
Address:Kronenberg 57, 52074 Aachen
Telephone:0049 241.99039360
Mobile:0049 1577.6680790
Isabell Fehrmann
Address:Schlitzer Strasse 80, 36039 Fulda
Matthias Besch
Address:Marktplatz 2, 72532 Gomadingen
Olaf Hartmannsgruber
Address:Stierstr. 15, 12159 Berlin
Telephone:+49 151 12146980
Rene Maria Sumera
Address:D 21521 Wohltorf
Stefanie Hobusch
Address:Unter der Clustrift 2a, 37581 Bad Gandersheim
Telephone:05382/ 790 79 79
Sylvia Domack
Address:An den Weiden 12, 60433 Frankfurt am Main