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Sharon's Story

Sharon Leckie
New Zealand

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I went by bus to Anapolis for Real$1.50 today to cash my travellers cheques at Varig. I converted US$400 to Real$600, not a good rate, but the banks are not interested in converting your money. Once you reach the last stop the bus makes, you take a taxi to Anapolis Shopping Centre for R$5 and walk to Varig. Coming back by taxi was scary as they overtake on blind corners and hills, around 30,000 people die on the roads in Brazil every year. At one point I thought we were going to die when a huge truck came over the hill while we were overtaking, I then felt a hand on my shoulder and when I turned to the back seat, my mum was sitting there clear as day, letting me know I would be safe. It was an incredible feeling having her so close and to have her presence so visible.

Every night I awake for up to 2 hours in the middle of a sleep after my dreams, I feel that I have been woken and directed to dissect and learn from these dreams, and then let go of what I am feeling. This emotional healing is required to heal physically. That night I left the dinner table early with sharp pain on the left side of my back, hip and pubic bone, so strong I had to go to bed. I awoke from 4 - 5.30am after many of the negative feelings of my past came flashing back, I spent this time awake dealing with them and trying to let them go. I awoke at 6.30am feeling very bad, almost like all the muscles on my left side had been punched, I was also very swollen on this side.

I feel like I have been hit by a bus, hips and pubic bone are very painful to walk. Went to the Casa to meditate, the feeling is of peace and serenity. Returned to the Pousada and did some spiritual reading and writing. That evening I slept until 4am, awoke after a disturbed sleep, the dreams were disturbing, unsettling and I needed to clear my mind. By a deep breath in, I can contain my body in spirit, it is a joyous feeling. I have had a strong spiritual experience in the early hours.

Awoke, not as sore. Watched Joao operate on a woman's eye and stomach on stage with very little blood. The entity of Dom Inacio spoke to the crowd in a very soft and gentle voice through Joao. I went back before Joao today for a review, I also had a photo of Craig to take to him. Joao took my hand and said come back at 2pm, as this was not the entity who was working on me. It was both scary and exhilarating standing before the entity. Drew was also told to return that afternoon when it would be the correct entity for him.

I went to the crystal room for the first time. In the crystal room you lie on a high bed with your eyes covered and beautiful music plays through your earphones. Above you is a long arm the length of your body holding large quartz crystals, 7 for each chakra with coloured lights flashing alternating colours through them. Each colour is for each chakra. Amazing feeling of the bones being stretched 4 ways, the feet being pulled and stretched, the base of the spine and intense pressure and pain, burning in the stomach and the third eye had pressure. The outer thighs and hips being stretched 4 ways was painful but an incredible peaceful feeling. Sharp pain and pressure in my eardrums. After 20 minutes a lady came in and got me up, I felt sore and slightly groggy from the feeling in my head and third eye area. Joao prescribes the crystal room to some people as part of their treatment, I met one lady with very advanced breast cancer who was on slow drip morphine continuously. Joao prescribed only this room to her throughout her time there, usually 6 times per day, the room eliminated her pain.

One of the interpreter's Patricia, took photo's of both my girls to Joao, he prescribed herbs for both of them to bring home, we are not told what they are being treated for, when you ask the entities this question, they are often heard to reply "Do you want to know or do you want to be healed, which is it? It is human nature that we wish to know what we are being treated for, or what the name of the disease we have is called, this information really is irrelevant, and we should really just be grateful for the healing.

We went back to the Casa at 2pm, I asked Martin to tell the entity that I would not be returning to Brazil. The entity often asks when you can return to Brazil for further treatment, especially in advanced cases of disease. The entity told me I was to have an operation first thing the next morning. I gave Joao a photo of Craig which he smiled softly at (I feel he liked the soul her saw), he prescribed Craig 4 containers of herbs, these cost R$10 each. I touched Joao's hand to thank him and it was lifeless, only the spirit existed. Drew was told he would have an operation also the next morning. I watched a visible operation where Joao cut a woman behind her ear and put scissors up her nose for quite sometime, twisting and turning, there was quite a lot of blood. We saw her walking around later and she was fine. The entities can operate on many parts of the body through the nose, and although it looks horrific, the people we spoke to felt no pain.

We met an Australian woman and her daughter whose attitude to the whole Casa was definitely negative, they were concerned they would be given herbs and then wouldn't be able to get on the booze. I was behind these two ladies when they went before the entity, he looked hard at them and waved his arm dismissing them to the current room, both woman got 9 bottles of herbs each and probably some food for thought. This would not be the only time they were sent off to the current room without any surgery or advice, by sitting in mediation they would hopefully find what they needed to learn.

Drew is very well, everyone has noticed the return of normal colour to his skin. He awakes early which is unlike him, feeling very energised. The lump in his leg has reduced to a hard centre. He is prepared to return to Brazil in the near future if necessary. He has not needed his daily rests, before he would need an hour after lunch and lots of rest. He feels weary after the Casa each day but after a shower he feels fine. He has stopped all night sweats. The pain is strong in the centre of the lump when he walks, it is red and inflamed, about the size of an egg now. The rest of the leg is fine, the lump in the groin remains. Right bladder pain is now all clear. His mind is now working clearly and very really does he get short of breath. Drew is loving the mediation time and what he gets out of it. He had a crystal bed today for 45 minutes, he experienced focussed energies, centred chakras and balanced and warm. The crystals gave him a feeling of a body suit containing his own energy. Amazingly the diet of white flour, cheese and sugar that been in many of the foods has had no ill effects on him.

I slept better last night, no dreams. I awoke with a lump in the armpit and pain in left ovary. Went into the operation room for my surgery this morning. It was very subtle at first and then a blinding pain in the back on my left side at the base of the spine, a shot of pain like a red hot poker went straight through to my left ovary, very intense. When we were told to leave the room, I felt nausea, light headed, and a headache, very much the feeling of coming out of anaesthesia. I had to walk applying pressure over the ovary just to manage the pain. I was given a prescription for 3 more herbs. Went back to the Pousada by taxi to rest. The next hour was intense pain, lying down slowly breathing through the pain, it was bordering on unbearable. After nearly 2 hours, the pain eased some. Lower back, left thigh and under my left arm aches. Ovary area still has pain and very sore to touch. Still out of sorts and heady, body is going very slow.

Drew had his operation this morning, the operation was very subtle. He felt no physical pain but did feel empowered and uplifted. He felt a quiet, centred internal space, he was told that would be his strength and that he has the opportunity to participate in his own healing now. He was also told that the lump would disappear as he lay his own hands on the area, by experiencing this he could help others when the time came. The lump had been reduced by 1/4 and was less painful.

I stayed in bed from 10am - 5pm only getting up briefly for lunch. The first couple of hours I was very cold, and then burning hot, sweats, head pounding with intense pressure, nausea. The pain was much reduced by 5pm but my head was still pounding. I felt very tired but my body is very relaxed, a lot of movement in the joints after lying down, like they are going back into the right place. Tonight I wear white to bed as the entity will remove my stitches from Friday's operation, whilst I sleep. The stitches from today's operation will be removed next Wednesday evening.

Two sisters from Peru arrived last night, one sister has a massive tumour in the lung and she has had 5 of the 6 chemo sessions and decided to miss the 6th and come here, she wears a white turban on her head due to the hair loss and cannot speak English. The other sister lives in Chicago and has sold her house to pay for the chemo and to bring her sister here. She is only able to stay until Sunday due to work and money, very sad situation as they really need to stay longer with Joao. The entity operated immediately that afternoon. The doctors gave her 2 weeks to live when they left. Unfortunately there is no money for them to return to Brazil and little time for the sister. My heart went out to both of these wonderful ladies, they were just two of the many I saw in this situation whilst at the centre.

No dreams last night, awoke with no pain, something has definitely changed. I feel different, lighter like anything and everything is possible. My back feels much better but there is still a weakness and tiredness there. I feel I am in the healing phase and that is great. There is no pain in the ovary area, even to touch is not sore. It is Martins 33rd birthday today, I gave him a calendar of New Zealand, and he was very touched, he thought we had a beautiful country. We will have a small party for both Martin and Baxinha tonight.

Watched an amazing visible surgery on a mans eye, then Joao spoke to the crowd telling them that some of them had not taken their herbs, they were to leave and return to their homes, take the herbs and then come back, as the herbs were for spiritual treatment before surgery. It was amazing to see that these people thought the entities wouldn't know, and that they could hide it. I went to the 2nd current room to sit for the first time, up until now I was only allowed in the first current room. Joao operated visibly on many people in the line passing before him. I saw a huge cancer tumour taken from a man's back and many life lessons given to people who came before him. It was an incredible sight to see so many operations so quickly, whilst they stood in line. I had a wonderful meditation session, the room held a true sense of spirit which was much increased from the first room, there were many mediums in this room also. Drew also went to the 2nd current room before the entity, he had been asked when he could return by Martin and responded he could return in November (not knowing how or where he would find the money). Before the entity, Martin asked Joao if Drew could come back in November and the entity said yes. He was told to then sit in the room with the entity to mediate, a very powerful meditation.

I went before Joao and Martin told him that my hips were still sore and that I could not return to Brazil. Joao touched my hip and said sit in current and he would drain the pain from my hips. Martin asked Joao my two questions:
- Will my back get better, and how long will it take?
The entity responded by touching my hip and saying "you will be fine, go sit in current".
- What spiritual path should I take to help others?
Once again he responded to sit in current to search these answers, as our spiritual paths cannot be revealed to us, we must find the answers.

I sat in the room with Joao, I didn't meditate straight away as he was operating on so many people, it was incredible to watch. He spoke in depth with some people, some he cut and removed tissue. One man was told to remove his shirt where Joao opened across his back with a scalpel and started squeezing around a large purple cancerous looking lump, he squeezed the flesh and after a short time he used some scissors and extracted 4 lumps (looked like tumours) which he placed on one of the helpers hands, the man was leaning against Martin for support as instructed by Joao, after which he collapsed into a chair and went to the recovery room. There were other operations where tumours were removed that would fill a jar. I looked up to see Martin giving me a look to close my eyes and meditate. After 5 minutes of meditation I experienced a surging pain from my back down through my hips, literally draining downwards. As Martin was unable to translate yet what the entity had said about draining the pain, I had been watching the operations instead of closing my eyes for the entity to begin. After about 2 minutes the pain was gone, my back was sore but there was no hip pain. It was an incredibly strong room, I spent a further 30 minutes in the room.

That night I was tired but not sore at all. We had waited many hours that day to see the entity, as the line was slow due to the amount of surgeries the entities had decided to do and we did not return to the Pousada until 6.30pm.
We had a small party for Martin that night, with a band and a cake. Drew organised a wonderful song for us to sing which was 'Happy Birthday' in all the languages of the guests at the Pousada - quite a challenge.

We left Abadiania today with lots of hugs and photos with our new friends. We travelled by taxi to Brasilia and then flew back to Rio. We had a lovely evening in Rio staying once again at Hotel De Bret.

Walked to Ipanema for the famous Hippie Fair, this was well worth going to, and had a great selection of gems, stones, leather goods and paintings.. The main streets of Copacabana were closed off on Sundays for everyone to walk, jog, rollerblade and just enjoy, quite a sight to see so many people on foot, many in swimwear. Went down on the beach, which was crowded by afternoon, it was a lovely day around 30 degrees and the water was warm.
Left early for the airport thank goodness as we were hit up for tax of R$150 which we did not have. As you cannot change Real in New Zealand, we spent it all before the airport. We had been told all our taxes were paid by our travel agent, and our tickets had not been stamped paid. Could not get a cash advance at the airport bank as they were off line and luckily Drew had an American Express card and they had an office there. Had we not gone early, we would have missed the plane.

It is wonderful to be home and be back with my family, but part of me will always be connected to Brazil. Drew has returned a different man, his skin is normal colour, as are his eyes. Even after all the walking, the lump has reduced another 1/4 with less redness and inflammation. He has high energy levels and walking well, no longer fragile.

As well as following a good diet and the rules of the centre when you return, you need to also rest, meditate and keep in touch with Spirit. For those who need to return, this is a time to let the herbs build your body and for you to heal your mind before undergoing further surgery. Joao and the entities can do only so much, a large percentage is up to us as individuals to help in our recovery, regardless whether you are returning or not. The greatest lesson here is to learn to take responsibility for your own recovery.

It is important to mention that not everyone suffers with the degree of pain I experienced in Brazil, many people have no pain. As I was unable to return to Brazil in the near future, I received much of my healing in a short intense period of time, hence you receive what you ask for. Although the success rate at the Casa is extraordinarily high, not all healings are miraculously instant, although I have met many who swear by such miracles, but not everyone can be healed in one visit. Many things influence the recovery rate from karma, time for tissues to heal and cells to regenerate and nearly everyone needs to change spiritually, some need to change their environment, others their attitude to their fellow man. Sometimes the illness is so far advanced, it needs to be treated in stages. You do not need to be a religious or spiritual person to go to Abadiania, just a will to get better and to take responsibility for your illness and the change required. Joao said "those who travel great distances to come here already believe, even if they do not know this". It is recommended that you stay a minimum of 2 weeks or more to allow time for surgery and recovery.

When I asked him on the way home in the plane to summarize the trip, he said "The whole trip has totally blown me away. It was far more profound and effective than I could possibly have expected. I feel unbelievable softened and warmed on the inside and spiritually enlightened, I am still moved to tears with gratitude".
As Drew's condition is terminal by modern medicines standards, and advanced, he will need to return to Brazil for further surgery. The level of emotional and spiritual work he does before this journey will be relevant to the level of healing he receives. The doctors in New Zealand have been amazed that he no longer has the large lump on this leg, they are unable to explain this. At the time of printing this information, Drew has returned from his second trip to Brazil and has been advised by his doctors that his blood count is normal and he feels wonderful for the first time in years. Drew has returned to the workforce, is fit and leads a normal life.

Since returning from Brazil I have had two surgeries from spirit, both were painful, sudden and took 24 hours to recover. The operations left me with pain, temperature and feeling very unwell. Since this time I have had a lot of leg swelling for the first time ever as my hip pain I feel has been drained through my legs, the swelling is now gone. My herbs will take me through to the end of December, and I know that I will see a dramatic improvement by this time. I already have far more flexibility with my hips, much less pain and a much healthier attitude to life and spirit. Even my children have commented that I have come back a different person, and they like the changes. The experience has changed my life and my desire to help others, I am truly grateful to have had this experience. I have gained 80% improvement and can now lead a totally normal life.

It has been proved to me, that if your will and belief are strong enough, you will be able to go to Brazil. Health and money are made available from the entities for you to travel. We live in a very materialistic world and sometimes we need to look at what is more important, financial security and nice possessions cannot be enjoyed whilst you suffer and are forced not to live life at all. If I had to return to Brazil in the future, I would have no hesitation to sell my home or possessions for my own health and that of my family.


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