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Crystal Light Beds


Those of us who have been to the casa and have enjoyed a session of the crystal bed treatment only have good things to report. The experiences on the crystal bed can range from a calming and relaxing session to a life altering healing experience. Many of you have also been given permission by the entities to purchase a bed and set it up in your local area. This is a wonderful way to extend the healing energy of the entities to people all over the world who cannot or perhaps are not ready to travel to the casa in Abadiania.

Unfortunately, there has been some confusion about the use of the crystal beds and people have been advertising uses for the crystal bed that are not authorized by the entities. I am writing this in an attempt to clarify some of the rules of using your crystal bed.

  • The use of the crystal bed is meant as an extension of the work of the entities to the people who come for treatment. It is not meant to authorize you or anyone to represent the entities or do healing work or present yourself as an intermediary for the entities. If you are a healing practitioner with your own training, you may not give treatments to people while they are receiving a crystal bed session. You as a practitioner must perform your treatments separate from the crystal bed sessions.
  • It is understood that you can charge for the crystal bed sessions but you must do so in a reasonable and appropriate manner for your locality. You may not offer long distance, surrogate or photo sessions on the crystal bed. Crystal bed sessions are strictly for the person whose body is laying in the crystal bed.
  • You are allowed to speak of the entities and say that they work on people who lay on the crystal bed.
  • You may advertise your crystal bed only in accord with the rules stated above.
  • You may not sell or transfer your crystal bed without express permission from the entities. You have been granted a right and a spiritual responsibility along with the crystal bed and you cannot transfer that without the entities consent. (That is the reason why we asked for permission from the entity to buy the crystal bed in the first place.)
  • Be prudent when using the crystal bed. Do not over expose people to the treatment. Here are some good guidelines:
    • No more than an hour per patient
    • Start people on the slowest setting. Especially people who are frail.
    • Do not use the highest speeds unless you are dealing with a very fit person.
    • Let the entities do their work. Do not interfere. If you want to help, sit outside and pray.

If you have any questions about the crystal beds or if you just want to report a good experience you or a client have had on your crystal bed please do not hesitate to write me at If we get a lot of good stories, perhaps we will publish some of them. I hope you all continue to enjoy your crystal bed sessions and the gift of sharing the work of the entities.

Many Blessings to you. Diego