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Ram Dass visits the Casa by Catalina O'Brien Ely, May 2003

Ram Dass meeting João
In February 2003 I had the blessed opportunity to be Ram Dass's guide to the Casa de Dom Inácio. For those of you who may not know who Ram Dass is, Ram Dass, born Richard Alpert, came into the public eye when he and his associate Timothy Leary, both psychology professors, were expelled from Harvard University for their experimentation with LSD. Alpert then traveled to India where he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, whose blessing transformed him into Ram Dass, servant of God. Ram Dass's book Be Here Now, first published in 1971, quickly became a spiritual bestseller and literally transformed the lives of thousands of people.


Through the years Ram Dass has served others through various projects and organizations that he helped form such as the Seva Foundation. His books, lectures, classes and retreats have been a favorite for those on the spiritual path.

In 1997 Ram Dass suffered a nearly fatal stroke that left his right side paralyzed. Though confined to a wheelchair, Ram Dass continued to travel and share the teachings and lessons of the spiritual journey. In India Ram is a name of God, but Ram Dass would bring much laughter to his classes when he would announce that RAM stood for "Rent A Mouth" as he realized that he was God's instrument to be a mouth/voice for us all.

Hearing about João and the Casa from a few friends, Ram Dass sought me to be his guide. The meeting between Ram Dass and medium João was very sweet. João walked up to Ram Dass in wheelchair and placed his hand on Ram Dass's heart in a gesture of love and blessing. When Ram Dass went before João-in-entity, the entity told him on two occasions, "I know you. I know you well."

Ram Dass had various spiritual experiences in the current room including seeing the entities. Through much of our 2-week journey, Ram Dass was in ecstasy. He exclaimed that he had not felt that kind of spiritual energy since he had been in India with his guru. When asked if he had been healed he replied yes. He noted there is a difference between being cured, which takes one back to how one was, and being healed, which brings one closer to God. Ram Dass was filled with such divine love and ecstasy at the Casa and feels it was a worthwhile experience despite the fact he is still physically confined, at least at this moment, to his wheelchair.
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