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Understanding the Work of the Current Room by Grainne McEntee

Understanding the work of the current rooms at the casa can be to say the least very difficult. Here is a somewhat simplified version.

The first room the one you walk into from the main hall of the casa is called many things, namely - the cleansing room, King Solomon's room and the Mediums' room ( everyone is a medium, even if you don't know anything about energy, the entities use everyone's energy to power the healing.)

The second room where medium João sits in entity is called simply the Entity's current room and has an overflow annex to the left of mediums João's where the people in wheelchairs are now placed. It's all the entitys room.

The third room where the invisible operations take place and where we sit after we have passed in front of medium João in entity for a cleansing before we go back out in the open. There are maca (tables) in that room where the entity has sent people to lie down for healing.

The first current room is where you sit and work unless the entity indicates
otherwise. Basically everyone who sits in any of the current rooms is there to work and are asked to keep their eyes closed their arms and legs uncrossed and feet firmly on the ground, to ground the body. By doing this we create a current of energy in each body which flows like a current from person to person, in through and around everybody which builds the energy to help medium João incorporate the entities into his physical body, maintain the incorporation and hence do his incredible healing work.

The work begins in the currents at 8am and 2 pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and it takes time to build this powerful field so that's why its about an hour or so before medium João presents himself for incorporation. The currents prepare the energy field. We are asked to focus on positive thoughts, loving energy and forgiveness which is a major key to healing. Sometimes visualisations are suggested, more often there is no guided meditation and the prayers are in Portuguese.

Focusing on divine light flowing in and around us in the currents is helpful. Golden light from the crown chakra or head flowing through all our energy points or chakras in the body focussing particularly on the heart - opening it like a magnificent flower can help us to remain focussed on unconditional love. Also remembering to breathe deep relaxing and surrendering to the divine power that is all around us in the casa helps. The currents are safe. There are countless entities there without bodies working on us all the time, using our energy to heal. What do we receive in return for all this hard work I hear you ask? Although we don't give to receive we do indeed receive countless blessings for service in the currents. The entities use our positive energy to work on everyone in the current rooms.

We, who are sitting in the first current room with the help of the entities are also working to cleanse everyone in the lines before they stand in front of the entity so he in turn can diagnose and heal all who stand before him. The stronger the current, the more powerful the healing energy. By opening our eyes in the current we break the current, weaken the energy field that everyone in the currents is contributing to and even more importantly we can physically hurt medium João. He cannot maintain his incorporation if people are opening their eyes and disincorporating so fast puts a massive strain on his physical body and he cannot do his healing work. As he says himself "it is not I who heals, it is God".

As a man without the incorporation he cannot say what ails those who stand before him. For ourselves too in the currents by opening our eyes we can pick up dense energies that are in the atmosphere. They come through the eyes the mirror of the soul and we can feel very uncomfortable and sometimes nauseous. It is very important to drink a small cup of blessed water after the current before leaving the room. This water has a very powerful vibration and is energised in each specific current for the work of that particular current. It is provided to complete the current work for cleansing and protection of everybody who sat in the currents for that session. A major part of the work of the casa happens in the currents. Many microsurgeries take place there on different individuals which are not "official" operations. It is all divine work. Serving your fellow brothers and sisters in the currents is an honour and a privilege. By giving a part of yourself in the currents, you receive countless blessings. The work can be very challenging. Ask the entities to help you. They will.

It can be very uncomfortable. Remember to loosen any tight clothing, sit up straight and breathe deeply, also bring a bottle of water with you to have at your feet. You can get very thirsty. If it is too challenging, rather than sitting in the currents and deciding after an hour you've had enough and breaking the current of energy, by sitting quietly in the lovely gardens of the casa and sending loving thoughts to the work in the currents you are serving in a positive way and are not breaking the current.

Many people feel that they came a long way and they want to sit in the Entity's room. This may not be the optimum place for them. There is no status in the casa or in the spiritual world for that matter. It's not like an aeroplane where there first class and economy, or the analogy that by sitting closer to the priest in the church we are any more closer to heaven or indeed that we get there any quicker. We just have to be tolerant and recognise that all the work we do in the currents is precious and powerful no matter where we sit - after all, we are requested to keep our eyes closed.

Current can be very difficult. Sometimes we feel refreshed and have wonderful experiences in there, more often than not we feel we have been beaten with a spiritual baseball bat. It all just depends on how the entities are using our energy on any particular day. We feel we have travelled a long way and why should we sit in current. We need to be reassured that although we cannot see the wind or electricity we know it is there. Just as in the currents, Casa and in the town of Abadiânia itself we sense the presence of the entities. Rest assured there are multitudes of entities surrounding us that we cannot see working with us and on us for our physical well-being and our higher good. We must co-operate with them help them to do their work and trust that they are with us 24/7 for our benefit. They are well nigh impossible to ignore. The least we can do is help them to help us. It's a two way street and it's so selfish of us to come to the Casa, take, take, take and not to give.

The entities need us in the currents to fuel the healing like gasoline in a car if you like or like a lace in a shoe. Its all team work. One cannot work independently of the other. If we can only sacrifice a little of our time in the currents and tolerate a sore backside or a sweaty body for a couple of hours, the blessings we receive are countless and priceless. If we can just surrender .... recognise that we are not the body and give of ourselves loving unconditionally without complaining, realising that there are always brothers and sisters sicker and in need of healing also, then our work is pure and everybody benefits.

As for children in the currents. Yes they are encouraged and are welcome. Its very difficult for them. I brought my 4 year old niece Maude in on numerous occasions after asking the entity if it was a good idea. He said yes. I was told that children's energy is so pure that they are protected and do not need to keep their eyes closed. Sometimes they do fall asleep, which is fine too. I had her drawing with crayons and playing with her toys.

Also for people in the lines. They are being cleansed so they need to keep their eyes open as the dense energies can release through the eyes and also to keep the arms and legs uncrossed and to really focus on the divine power. Surrender and trust.

So I hope this helps to explain what can be complicated work. It took me 2 years to work this out and I'm glad I can share it with all of you. I'm still learning of course
Happy healing everyone. Love and light
Grainne McEntee
PS Stick with it. It really is divine work ..........