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Bob from Florida is healed of cancer

In February of this year (2006) I could no longer ignore the pain in the left side of my jaw and went to see a dentist. Then I went to my family physician, who sent me to a surgeon. In the span of sixty days the pain in my jaw had traveled up the left side of my head and was causing hearing loss. A tumor had exploded in my throat and was already making it difficult to swallow anything but the smallest pill. I was told that the cancer was inoperable. I sought another opinion and was told that I should "get my affairs in order and use my time wisely." I was given until fall to live, and that was a generous 'best case' scenario, given the rapid growth of the mass in my throat.

I began to fast in order to slow the rate at which the cancer was growing and to prepare myself spiritually for whatever was to come. Around ten days into the fast, I came across the story of John of God on the internet and then saw a television program about The Casa de Dom Ignacio and Joao! It featured a woman who had throat cancer and had traveled to Abadiania, Brazil! I continued to fast and hurried to get a passport and to make travel arrangements to The Casa.

The first time I stood in line at the Casa was on May 24th, '06. I had lost over fifty pounds and traveled thousands of miles and couldn't wait to get to the soup kitchen! During the next 10 days, I took the herbs and sat in Current and got crystal bed treatments. And I ate the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. And before the two weeks were up, I heard my guide (and friend!) say; "good news for you! Joao says that he will heal your cancer!" I returned home and told everyone of my experiences at the Casa. My wife and friends were not yet convinced, however. Over the next few months I continued to take the herbs and drink the water and follow the simple rules for healing.

Less than 120 days later, I stood in my family doctors office here in Florida. He was reviewing the lab results on the blood work that he had ordered. He said that he could find no signs of cancer! I have been given a gift by God, but He gave it through Joao and the volunteers at the Casa, who give freely of their lives that I may have life and health!

Post Script: I returned to the Casa in October and asked for healings for injuries sustained in combat in Viet Nam over thirty years ago. I have fractured vertebrae and crushed discs and traumatic injuries to my neck, back, hips, legs, ankles and feet. I have not had a day free of pain in my adult life. I was given an operation at the Casa and told that I would be healed. It is fifteen days later (November 1st, 2006) and I am crying as I type this! For I went jogging again this morning! Third time this week! First time in 35 years! All because John of God was true to his spiritual path and vision!