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Matthew Ireland - An Inspirational Story

Please enjoy the story below from Matthew Ireland who featured on the ABC PrimeTime TV show in February and July of 2005. In February, Matthew had a brain tumor. In July, the tumor had shrunk a little and the doctors were bewildered but interested in knowing why. Today, Matthew no longer has a brain tumor but he has a beautiful new Brazilian wife named Gessymara. Matthew and Gess live in Abadiania.

The past two Fridays have been two more amazing steps in the spiritual climb I began when I first heard of Abadiania and the Casa de Dom Inacio Loyola in May of 2003.
On Friday the 13th my blessing was short but so wonderful. I have lately been spending my days here volunteering my assistance to whatever might be needed during each current session. It began when I went to ask Medium Joao if I could please help Gessymara in the pharmacy as a volunteer. I was told no, that there was too much complication and risk as the pharmacy is so new and under close watch from those who watch such projects. But he did offer me the opportunity and welcomed me to help in other areas of the daily Casa routines. Since I have been sharing my sessions between helping the english speaking 'wonderings and wanderings' and sitting in current. Friday afternoon I was helping outside in the main hall as the session began. After a bit the entity came out, and was roaming around the crowd, performing beautiful works on people, both Brazilian and foreign. As he headed back towards his seat and the current rooms, he stopped right in front of me, turned, and said slowly in clear Portuguese "I healed you. I am known here as Jose." He stared at me then for a few moments and I replied in tears, "thank YOU, and thank you GOD," before he turned and continued away towards his chair. Such a re-affirmation and now knowledge of which doctor has actually been heading my personal case is so wonderful for me. Thank you again.

One week later, now in the morning of Friday the 20th, I was sitting in the current room as the session was about to begin, very near the back door of exit. The medium (or entity?) walked into the room shortly after I sat with my eyes closed, and came right to me, grabbing my hand. He stood me and lead me around, towards his chair in the current room. Half way there, he stopped, took the hand of a Brazilian woman with his other hand, and lead us to two extra chairs very nearby his seat from where the entity greets all the people passing through in their various lines. He said to us "I want you to help hold the current session now." Following was among the most powerful and beautiful current sessions I have experienced an all my time here. I was very easily able to concentrate and focus and towards the end of it I had a wonderful vision - something I have rarely experienced. I could smell the scent of roses and I began to see white roses, many. And then I was actually laying on my back, on a gigantic and soft white fluffy rose which felt to be rising up, and I all around us were spreading all sorts of petals upon all the people. It was such a wonderfully deep and love filled current for me. It was beautiful. Thank you again.

For that day's afternoon session I was again in the main hall, trying to add a little order and concentration amidst the bustling crowd, mixed with every sort of patient and language you might imagine. After some time, the entity (again Jose ...?) appeared once again, and again walked into the crowd of eager onlookers to perform more incredible blessings. And once again, as I stood by the doorway, he came to me and looked again into my eyes. "Go get your wife," he said in Portuguese. "Agora?" I asked. "Yes, now." I ran out of the hall and went straight to the pharmacy where I found her hard at work bottling passiflora. Very surprised and wondering "why?" aloud as she ran to get out of sterilized garb, a few moments later we were rushing back towards the current rooms. We entered and found the entity had returned to his chair in current and we headed that way. There, we waited as he continued with a few people in line, and after several minutes he called us over.

He told us both to come down on our knees before he began a long, maybe fifteen minute, talk with us. I hope I can remember all he told us! First, in a very gentle and loving tone, he asked who is my doctor, who is taking care of me here in Brazil? There are no doctors other than those at the Casa here," father Gess explained. He smiled. He then told us looking sometimes at one of us and then the other, that before four more months we must find a doctor in Brazil and have all of my tests done, all my scans updated. And bring everything here to him. (and then something like along these lines) This is a very clear case of what we do here, and the doctors will be amazed everywhere. It is something we can use against their fighting us, a very powerful case. Hope I'm not forgetting too much!

And then he told Gess to go get a bottle of the herbs she had been bottling and bring it to us. She hurried away, and the entity called translator Martin over. I am not sure all that was said between the two of them. After about five minutes Gess returned with a bottle of herbs. Back on her knees beside me the entity went on, his eyes, his voice still so friendly, so full of caring and love. Mmmm. I think we were each holding a hand now as well. "Here is what we do with the prescriptions, I want everyone to see the power of this. Now open the bottle daughter. I will not even touch the bottle, nor the pills," he said. "And I will transform this bottle of medicine into something else, something different than passiflora," he told us. "It will have side effects which you will see and feel, side effects that passiflora does not exhibit". He told Gess the side-effects we would see. She asked if she should pass this information along to me, to which he replied, "No, he does not need to know, his conscious needs to have no effect on what you see. So I want you now to take two pills out, daughter, and place them in his mouth". She dropped two pills into my mouth as he handed me the glass of water at his side, and I swallowed the pills in such curiosity, such happiness and thanks. "Give him one more tonight and then three a day until all the bottle has been taken." His spiritual works are complete, now this will cleanse his physical system of all the effects of what has passed, particularly the chemotherapy. And observe then how strong he will get how healthy and healed".

So for the first time in over a year I am on medicines, but of course they are quite different than any other I have ever had. It is just one bottle, and even after just two days taking them I am feeling very different. Some stomach upset, light headaches, and fatigue. Very tired, just want to sleep. Oh my God, and the vision I had last night...too much to write now. Yes, with each new effect I told to Gess, she smiles and says, "I know!"

And then he said one more thing, behind a very serious smile. "And daughter, be very careful. I know he wants children now, but you need to wait a little longer." Just this! So, I certainly plan to be patient!

Thank you medium Joao, thank you entities, Dom Inacio, Jose, whoever you may be, all your phalange of spirits, thank you GOD. I am forever thankful and at service. And thank every single one of who, who have and continue to everflow my spirit, my heart, with the most powerful thing there is - LOVE.
Blessings and all that is meant for you