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Singing at the Casa

Dear friends, I would like to bring your attention to a healing activity at the Casa, that the Entities and I, Tatiana, Casa guide, medium and daughter of the Casa are providing for more than 2 years.

Every Tuesday at 4pm we sing in the divine energy of the Casa for one hour at the soup area. We sing many different songs, but mostly spiritual in nature. Everyone is invited to participate regardless of your singing ability or lack of. The Entities have authorized and asked for the singing because it is very therapeutic and elevates the spirits of each of the participants.

During the singing session the Entities are present to perform their work on everyone that is participating or is close by. The music creates a high positive vibration which is the best condition for the working Entities to continue or increase their treatment on us.

Everyone knows the healing power of positive emotions. The singing releases many emotional blockages in the participants. At the end of the session, many are relieved and liberated from old emotional issues and blockages, such as self-doubt, sadness, self pity, inability to express oneself.

Through singing we unlock a part of us that gives love, gratitude, and compassion that harmonizes our energies with those of the Entities and helps to forget for this one hour all our pains, illness, unhappiness.

Express our gratitude to the Creator and the Entities for all goodness, healing and love we receive at this holy place, Casa de Dom Inacio. This is why we feel better after a cheerful singing session.

"What is Tuesday afternoon singing at the Casa for me? Bliss, joy, healing and harmony" Ann

"What a nice way to spend time in the afternoon! Thank you for the inspiration! "Heather Wolfe

''Music opens our hearts, the 4 o'clock gathering raises our vibrations and that of the worlds of healing" Chreste

''I enjoyed it so much- very life enhancing" Loran Conway

''There is something about hairs standing on end! The Kyrie Eleison did it for me! And also some of the tunes keep singing in my ears, making this a prolonged vibration. Thank you for this opportunity to be one " Bet

''The music was that inspiring and uplifting, I'll have to learn more , what a joy! Thank you! Anne

''I'm grateful for this opportunity to blend my voice of people from around the world who have come to the Casa. This harmony of sound makes a beautiful music for God'' Diana

"That was a heavenly experience and will bring me back to more singing in my life!"

''This was a joyful and great experience, thank you"" Louise , Canada