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The First Current Room - Article by Grainne McEntee

This room is the first room we walk into from the main hall at the Casa. This is the room that the Entity sends most people to. As with all of the current rooms we are sent there to work. This is an integral part of our healing journey. In the currents we are giving and receiving energy. We are either sitting in the currents working or we are going through in the lines.We cannot simply just get up and join the lines from the current.

The only time we can join the lines from the current is when we are leaving Abadiania after that particular session. There is an announcement concerning this at the end of each current. We do not have to be invited to sit in this room. For optimum healing we need to sit in the currents as much as we can. The current rooms fuel the work of the Casa. By sitting in any of these rooms with an open heart in a state of surrender, with our eyes closed and arms and legs uncrossed, we can contribute enormously to Medium Joaos mission, be present in helping the healing of our brothers and sisters and in giving of our positive loving energy,we receive powerful healing ourselves.

Current has a structure. In the beginning we settle into the work. Prayers are said in Portuguese and English by the room monitors to help to raise the vibration of love in the Casa, to cleanse any dense energies in or around us and to invoke the Divine power. In the middle of current as all the lines come through this first cleansing room we, who are sitting in the current, are working with a highly charged pure vibration, co created by us and the multitudes of Entities.Thisstrong force field islike a washing machine as we are helping the Entities of light and love to give our brothers and sisters in the lines a spiritual cleansing before they stand in front of the Entity. Thus we help the Entity to see everyone's energy fields better.

To receive this gift of purification, standing in the lines only, our eyes are open. Our eyes are like sponges. They are always closed sitting in the current generating this powerful cleansing vibration so that we do not absorb the dense energies we are cleansing. As we come through the current rooms to receive this gift of cleansing our eyes are open. This allows the density to flow out through our eyes to be transmuted into the light.

Feel free to do whatever visualizations you are comfortable with. As sometime sits quite chaotic in there and with the fans and noise from outside it can be difficult to hear any guidance in English. At these times try to be independent working with whatever belief system you are comfortable with & be reminded,nobody is working alone. We are all working together as one heart. Also, be aware that the music is a very powerful cleansing medium in which angels & multitudes of light beings work through. Connect with whatever tool you need to harvest your own powerful heart energy as we all flow together with this heavenly lovelight in the current.

Usually the lines are called in the order of second time, first time, 8 or 2 o clock & not always, but often the revision line is the last line through the currents. Finally, after all the lines have gone through, this is the time when we receive in the currents.

The Entities bestow a marvelous cleansing upon usafter giving of our positive loving energies during the session. The work continues with closed eyes and this is a unique opportunity to let go of all dense energies that do not serve us. As we receive this gift of purification it helps to visualize a beautiful waterfall and to surrender all pain, dis-comfort, dis-ease and dis-harmony to this all mighty crystal clear water.

We are encouraged to complete the currents, as even when we go out to the bathroom during the session, energetically we are wide open and need to return to the currents to finish the work and receive a cleansing. If we are struggling during the session we can put our hand up and ask to go to the bathroom. The energy is flowing in a circle sowe need to go through the Entity room and out the back door. Take whatever time you need to gather yourself. Please return to the currents to receive a deep cleansing. This is very important.If we fail to return we are breaking the currents and also leaving ourselves open to picking up heavy energies from people outside the current rooms waiting to come through.

The reason why we are asked to keep our eyes closed in the currents is that we, by working with the multitudes of benevolent beings without bodies,create a very powerful current of light and love which helps Medium Joao incorporate and do his extraordinary healing work at the Casa. By opening our eyes we break this current and the more the energy drops Medium Joao can physically feel pain (as if his mission isn't hard enough!) Those who are being physically operated on can feel pain also. For ourselves too in the currents with open eyes we leave ourselves vulnerable to any dense energies we are helping to cleanse.They come into our physical bodies through our eyes, the mirror of the soul. Our eyes absorb energy & we may feel very beat up in the currents. So for our own protection and especially the protection of Medium Joao we need to keep our eyes closed at all times sitting and working in the current rooms.

Any other pain or discomfort experienced in the current rooms is the Entities working on us. We are encouraged to see this is a blessing. It will pass quickly. At least we know there is something going onas we can feel the Entities fine-tuning us. Every current is different. Sometimes we feel nothing at all. Remember pain is feeling something too!!! The entities are giving us what we need no matter what we are or are not feeling. Trust and surrender.

There are multitudes of Entities working with us, on us and around us at all times. Like the wind or electricity we may not be able to see them but trust that they are there working for our benefit.They never sleep or abandon us. Many'unofficial' surgeries happen in the currents. A lot of our 'stuff' (for want of a better word) comes up in the currents. Its a process whereby we are dealing with deep issues long buried or ignored and the currents provide a middle ground where we can clear these issues in a very effective way.

Many refer to these as meditation rooms. They are much more than that. Sometimes it gets chaotic in there with all the distractions. Like everything in life there are tests and perhaps the way things are done in Brazil are not what we are used to. For example, if we are used to meditating in the lotus position, this does not work in the currents. Our legs are crossed in one-way or another and the energy does not flow freely. Adapting to grounding ourselves with out feet firmly on the floor helps us to connect to the hugely powerful crystal underfoot. We need to surrender to our sometimes strong will and beable to change and accept.

In the currents you are in a safe place. The Entities are your safety net. The divine power never gives us anything that we cannot handle.

Feel free to cry in these rooms. This is very healing. We are encouraged to liberate ourselves, to let go and to surrender to this magnificent Divine power that surrounds us here.Sometimes all it takes is a sip of blessed water to bring us back into our harmonious flow. Try to remember to bring a small bottle of water with you into the currents and sip it from time to time. You can always raise your hand and ask for water...agua in Portuguese, remembering to keep your eyes closed.

Try to see these current rooms like a classroom where we learn the discipline of the work, endurance, tolerance, patience, staying in the 'now". Use the opportunity of working in the currents to reconnect with who you really are.

We are reminded here that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. We have come a long way to be here so try to make the most of your time at the Casa and give it your best shot.The more you give the more you receive.

The important realitiesof working in the currents are about surrendering, opening of the heart, the giving of our positive loving energies to contribute to Medium Joaos mission, in order to help with the healing of all those who come to the Casa and for us to receive countless blessings in return.

We pray that all the brothers and sisters of the Casa de Dom Ignacio get the healing of mind, body, emotion and spirit they came here to receive.

Out of sickness into well-being

out of poverty into abundance

out of darkness into the light

out of fear into trust

out of separation into oneness.