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Kind Gestures by Grainne McEntee

The medicine of the Casa is called Passiflora or Passionflower in English & to the human eye it is a mild harmless sedative. Each capsule is highly energized for individuals needs. They are a very powerful healing force.

Medium Joao in Entity regularly recommends these herbs to those who present themselves in the lines. Those who have surgeries always receive herbs including surrogate surgeries. (This is when someone stands in for and represents another person in the surgery room at the time of the operations).

When a photo is presented for distant healing it is usual that passionflower is prescribed.

The Brazilian postal system is renowned for having problems permitting these herbs to leave the country. This is an obstacle for those of us living in Abadiania who have presented photos, purchased the herbal remedies & need to have them delivered to the recipients all over the world.

How do we get the medicine to those who need it?

We rely on the good will of others when leaving Abadiania to take the herbs & mail them within the country of the recipients. To those who have already done this we extend our heartfelt gratitude. This is a great way of serving our brothers & sisters all over the globe. In these days of excess luggage charges it can be challenging. However the herbs are not heavy. There are those of us who pack the herbs in rolls, labelled, ready to be mailed & willing to proffer the mail charges.

If you are approached while in Abadiania & asked to mail these passionflower herbs in your country, please try to accommodate the request in some way. It means a lot.

We need to trust that the Entities are protecting & guiding us. Helping each other with these small gestures creates a powerful vibration of love that connects us all as one global family. Practice random acts of kindness & senseless beauty. Who knows some day you may need the help of a messenger from the Casa de Dom Ignacio!


Grainne from Ireland has been living in Abadiânia for the past 6 years. She is co-owner, with "Portuguese João" of Cafe Central on the main street and is a volunteer at the Casa. if you have any queries while in Abadiânia (and there will be plenty.....) she can help you and if she doesn't know the answer she will point you in the right direction.

Grainne sent us this photo,"taken in Jana's house in Sydney just a few months back. Jana was cured of Motor Neuron disease at the Casa a few years back. I kid you not ...... She had just taken her herbs left them on the counter & they began to spin & stopped upright just like this .... I'm serious. This is not trick photography."

Jana said about the photo"Initially upon tossing the bottle (was full with herbs) on the kitchen bench it started spinning like "for ever". I was watching it in disbelief & then itcame to acomplete stop on its side. For 2 days itremained in the same position with the cat constantly walking around it, I was cooking & you know a busy time in the kitchen.A friend of mine uses that same pic as a screen saver"