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Two Inspiring YouTube Videos


Wayne Dyer Speaks About his Leukemia Cure and John of God

Wayne Dyer, PhD is a very well known author and speaker who has inspired many people in their spiritual evolution. At the John of God event at Omega Institute in September, 2011, Dr. Dyer came to the podium to tell the story of how he was healed at a distance by John of God. A friend of Dyer's was in Brazil and stood for him, as his surrogate, so Dyer could receive the spiritual intervention from John of God. Dyer was in Hawaii but the intervention had a profound physical impact on him. In September at Omega John of God told him "you are well". This You Tube interview allows the viewer to hear the story.

Wayne Dyer with Fernanda & Martin Mosquera at Omega 2011


Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience

Anita had cancer that had metastasized throughout her body. Her family had come to the hospital to say goodbye. Her doctors were also prepared for her body to die very soon. But, something else happened. Anita did leave her body, but only for a short period of time. She entered into a transcendent experience that was profound for her. Soon after, she came back into her body and her tumors began to shrink, until they were completely gone. Her story and her telling of the story is an awe-inspiring reminder of the power in spiritual realms that can heal. One of the best vids ever on Near Death Experience.


Emma Bragdon, PhD has been an authorized guide at the Casa and a daughter of the Casa since 2001. She is the author of "Spiritism and Mental Health" which details the practical application of Spiritist treatment in Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Spiritist Centers in Brazil.