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"Finding the Balance" by Grainne McEntee

We are constantly being reminded here at the Casa in Abadiania to continue working with our earthly doctors. Recently I was tested in relation this issue. A year ago i noticed a small lump on the right side of my throat. As time progressed it began to grow & I felt the need to investigate. I proceeded to the Entity at the Casa & a spiritual surgery was recommended. Opting for a visible surgery Dr Augusto first doused the lump 3 times with blessed water. He knew exactly where it was as my hand was on my heart & nowhere near my throat. (As if we need proof!) His words were somewhat muffled.I was definitely anaesthetised. Only afterwards,being informed that he said `I will heal you in the same way I healed your husband'. That's another long story!!!!!

Then the scissors were introduced to my right nostril. Not being particularly painful I felt a huge shift as the instrument was removed from my nose & I have pictures of myself being wheeled off to the infirmary with a broad grin on my face.

The whole procedure took approx 20 seconds. Being advised not to seek a doctor or specialist for 40 days I did just that. This is the time span the Entities use to continue working intensely after all Casa surgeries, whether visible or invisible. It was recommended after the 40 days for the lump to be removed by a physical surgeon whom I attended in the nearest town. Returning to ask the Entity whether this hospital surgery was a good idea, the answer was affirmative. `Better out of the body than inside. I will be present to help you`. Feeling safe & cared for by these spirit doctors without bodies helped me through a very unpleasant 35 minutes of local anaesthetic. On being complimented by the surgeon for my behaviour the nodule (as it was now called) was removed & sent for analysis. Two weeks later the results returned benign. Halleluiah! Many people have enquired as to why I went to a specialist & not to the Casa. My first stop was the Casa, a spiritual hospital beyond compare. I believe that the Entities can change the nature of a lump such as mine. The deep work done by the Entities helped the excellent end result.There is no doubt that cuts made by medium Joao in Entity are inexplicable as there is no anaesthetic, little pain (if any) & no infection. Accelerated healing is experienced with the use of blessed water.This I cannot explain.

It makes sense to use western medicine in conjunction with the work of spiritual hospitals. They complement each other. `Don't put all your eggs in one basket` as my mother used to say. Throwing yourself at the mercy of the spirit doctors & abandoning the human doctors is not a wise solution. We need to find the balance. Strong faith is a very useful tool in times of illness. Once again we find ourselves staring at the words of Dom Ignacio, trying to fathom the extraordinary work happening here in Abadiania `For those who believe nowords are necessary, for those who do not believe no amount of words are sufficient`