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How do I get to the Casa Entrance Requirements Location & Transportation Length of stay Costs Currency Language What to pack Accommodation Meals Laundry Telephones Shopping & Services Getting Around Useful Tips Prices Travel Tips from Past visitors

How do I get to the Casa

You can travel to the Casa either independently or as part of a group led by a guide.
To get to the Casa in Abadiania Brazil, you fly to either Rio or Sao Paolo and get a connecting flight to Brasilia (which has more connections) or to Goiânia or fly directly into BSB. It's then a 90 minute taxi drive to Abadiânia. You can book your accomodation at a guest house or "pousada" in advance and they will usually send a taxi to meet you if you ask. Many people choose to visit the Casa independently. All the information you need on how to do this is contained in the Casa Guide. 

For anyone who wants the additional comfort and security of visiting the Casa as part of a group led by an experienced guide, there are now plenty to choose from. We suggest you visit their websites, check out the "standards for guides" and then make contact by telephone or email in order to satisfy yourself that you are getting the service you want.

Entrance Requirements

Some countries, such as the U.S.A, require a tourist visa to enter Brazil, which involves a fee and some lead-time. Contact your regional office of the Consulate General of Brazil to obtain a visa application form. A U.S. citizen must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond arrival date in Brazil to obtain a visa. For help with travel arrangements from the U.S, check with the either of the following agencies.

Discover Brazil Tours, Miami, Florida Phone (305) 382-9443 (800) 524-3666; FAX (305) 382-9446; Cellphone: 305 632 3592; Email; website (Also help in arranging visas)

Discounters, aka "bucket shops" may have similar or even better deals. Look for ads in the newspaper travel section (e.g., New York Times or other major metropolitan newspaper) or internet sites.

If you must go to a government office to renew your visa, you are advised not to wear shorts, a short skirt or sleeveless top. Your visa can be extended in Policia Federal in Anápolis.

Location & Transportation

The Casa de Dom Inácio (Ig-nah’-see-oo) is located in the village of Abadiânia (Ah-bah-djah-yuh) in the state of Goiás (Gway-sh). The village lies between two airports which service the area, Brasilia (BSB), 103 km and Goiânia (GYN), 91 km. Both airports are within a 2-hour taxi ride. Taxi is the preferred method for reaching the village, though rental cars and buses are available at the airports.

Length of stay

The Casa is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. A two-week stay is preferable; more time may be even better, depending on your case. Some people choose to stay for months; no length of stay is excessive. You may wish to ask the Entity. Ten days (Wed–Fri) will cover 2 weeks of Casa events. Plan to arrive before the Casa opens for its first session on Wednesday at 8 a.m. A second session is held at 2 p.m., and the same schedule is repeated on Thursday and Friday. Additional time allows for follow-up visits to the Entity, more opportunities to sit in the current rooms, to use the crystal bed, rest and relax.

João tries to maintain programs at the Casa every week, but he occasionally travels or is not available for some other reason.


There is no charge for the healing, but you must pay for your herbal capsules or crystal bed sessions, if any are prescribed for you. Room, board, and ground transportation are the principal expenses. Some optional items are bottled water, snacks, laundry, souvenirs, books, video tapes, and crystal-bed therapy sessions.


The Brazilian currency is the real (plural reais). Exchange rates fluctuate daily; check with your local financial institution, travel agent, or internet site for current rates. Getting or changing money is a major nuisance. Bring more than enough cash - preferably change into reais as soon as you arrive in Brazil, and lock it in your luggage in your room. Keep some U.S. currency in small denominations. Cash gives you the best rate of exchange; travelers’ checks are not accepted.

ATMs may or may not work; the ins-and-outs of bank locations / hours / facilities would take pages to outline for you! Machines / banks giving cash advances for VISA and to a lesser extent, Mastercard are common in large towns and cities. You must have your PIN number to use Visa card for cash-advance. Some ATM cards can be used, but only in large cities, which requires lengthy travel from Abadiânia. The village bank does not exchange foreign money, nor does it have an ATM.

It is better to have too much Brazilian money than too little; you can usually find someone grateful to take extra reais off your hands in exchange for your currency or U.S. dollars. Save some reais or dollars for airport taxes.


Brazilian Portuguese is the spoken language. There are several English-speaking aides at the Casa. Spanish, Italian, and German languages are also spoken by a few villagers and staff members.

What to pack

Brazil’s subtropical temperatures vary only slightly annually in this high plateau region. The dry season runs from May to October. Daytime temperatures average 75-85° F/23-30°C, with cooler evenings and early mornings. You may wish to pack a light sweater or jacket, and rain gear.

Bring comfortable, loose-fitting white or light-colored clothing for visiting the Casa (preferable, but not mandatory), casual clothing for elsewhere, a towel (although most pousadas supply small ones), wash cloth, personal soap, laundry detergent, voltage transformer and adapter for any electrical appliances (voltage is 22O), mosquito repellent and umbrella (during rainy season), sunscreen, sun hat, comfortable shoes, camera, flashlight, film, Portuguese/English phrasebook/dictionary. (see 6), and a small folding seat if you cannot stand comfortably for long periods and wish to sit close to the stage.


There are numerous inns (pousadas) and rooms-to-let in the village near the Casa, and in the main part of town across the highway. At the date of this writing, you can arrive in Abadiânia without reservations and easily find lodging. If you prefer the convenience of reservations, see Resources for pousada telephone/fax numbers and mailing addresses. The pousadas are simple, clean and safe, and offer single, double, and dormitory-style accommodations. Most rooms have private baths, and all include a light breakfast. Most serve lunches and dinners in their dining rooms, but some offer meals only when there are ten or more guests. Full board is inexpensive, however, meals are readily available elsewhere.









Hotel Aconchego (on the highway)


Amor e Luz Pousada




Pousada Andressa


Hotel Azevedo & Restaurant

Av Francisca Texeira Damas, Avenida Frontal 721
Phone (62)3343 1187 Fax (62)3343 2317
28 room with 54 people.  110 reais per day for single, 190 reais per day double, triple 285 per day all with three meals. We have rooms with air cond, cost: 220 reais per day wtih meals for a single/double, 315 per day with three meals for a triple. Pool.
(Price at May 2015)
Use the information above to make reservations for the Hotel and Hotel Amazonas Brazil. Hotel Amazonas and Brazil hotel hve taxi and Van (mini bus).

Av JK No 483, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania, 62 3343 1162 / 62 8472 3335 Rooms with TVs, 40 reais per day.  Longer stays rates are negotiable.  (Price at May 2015)

Rua Infancia Qd. B Lt 23, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania Go Brasil.  62 3343 1488 Arthur owns this pousada and has taxis and a van 62 9629 8402 Arthur Carlos - Property Manager & Taxi in Abadiania.  18 rooms with 38 people, 120 reais per day with 3 meals. (Price at 2015)

Av Getulio Vargas 462, Abadiania Goias 72940-000                  62 3343 2248  /  8598 6026 - Portuguese some English. Amancio                      12 rooms 35 people, 80 reais with breakfast. (Price at May 2015)

Av JK No. 333, Centro Abadiania, (on th highway)                    62 3343 1138, Ideth Chagas is the owner, Portuguese, Fabian speaks English.  Fans in room, with TV 40 reais (no food included), without TV 35 reasis.  25 rooms holding 75 people, 24 hour reception.  Even though it  is on the highway it is given high marks.  Restaurant has excellent food, but check if dish has pimenta if you are on Casa herbs.  Many Brazilians stay here. (Price at May 2015)

Hotel Brasil



Buddha House - Abadiania

Avenida Francisca Texeira Damas no. 681
(062) 3343-1348 Restaurant at Hotel Amazonas. 54 Rooms with 150 people.  Price $R110 single per day, 190 double, 285 triple, all include three meals. (Price at May 2015)

Rua 5 No. 103, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania

55 62 3343 1646  /  Compassion and Wisdom (May 2015)

Hotel San Raphael

Av Francisca Texiera Damas 729, Abadiania GO Brasil (30 second walk to the Casa)  Costa, the owner, can be contacted directly at +55 62 3343 2383

105 rooms with 150 people. 115 reais per person per day with 3 meals, 220 per double per day with 3 meals.  Multilingual staff, free telephone calls to the U.S.A, unlimited free internet (Wireless and broadband), laundry service, free assistance to the Casa.

Irmâo Sol, Irmâ Lua "Martin's"

Av. Antonia Pereira da Silva, Q. 08 L. 01
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
55 62 3343-1544 (ph/fax)
55 62 8419-1775 (cell) Martin, 55 62 8134 9955 
Email: English, Spanish, Portuguese & German spoken by Martin
Price is 150R per night includes all meals. (Prices at June 2015) 
Has garden setting with fountain and security, pool.  10-minute walk to Casa. Fernanda & Martin Mosquera, owners.  Martin is a translator at the Casa.

Pousada Jardim Dos Anjos

Av. Belem Qd 16 Lt 01
Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania Go Brasil 72940-000
62 3343 1793 Ponts de Lumiere - tours to Abadiania. French, Portugues, English. Prices:$100.R to $145.R including 3 meals a day. (Prices May 2015) Interview with Pousada owner:  Joao de Deus - Abadania - Interview d'Hayette Weidmann (Gérante d'un hotel)

Pousada Austria

Rua Servidao, Chaccara 6, Lindo Horizonte BR 72940-000
Tel (62)3343 1577; Nubia and Franz
Languages: Portuguese, English, German
Internet, wifi, 5 minute walk to Casa, Casa Guide available. Price per room per day per person (wooden houses with veranda and hammocks) Reais 55-65 including breakfast, reais 70-75 breakfast, lunch or dinner, reais 80-85 breakfast, lunch and dinner. (January 2013)

Pousada Catarinense

Rua 05 Chacara 07, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania GO Brasil 
(062) 3343-1443 (ph/fax); (62) 8407 5856, C: (062) 9628-1183
Carlos & Rosane, Gentil & Valeria Carlotto. 70 rooms.
English, German, Portuguese, Spanish spoken; big garden, waterfall & pond,  screened windows; executive van (12 pers) & taxi available. The family at Pousada Catarinense also provide a professional transport service - Carlotto Tur. This company has been established for 15 years, offering flexibility in transportation to and from the airports and for weekend leisure travel.  Visit (May 2015)

Pousada Caminho Encantado

Av. Frontal B, Chaccara 10, Lindo Horizonte BR 72940-000
55 62 3343 1955
Garden landscape, swimming pool, grandmothers cooking, Casa Guide available.
Languages: Portuguese, English, German.
Silvete & Walter, Prices: R60 to R130 per room, plus R36 for food.  (Prices at May 2015) 45 rooms holding 70 people.

Hotel Rei Davi

Av. Belem, Qd 14, Lotes 14 a 16, Bairro Lindo Horizonte

Phone: 062 3343 1145

whatsapp: 55 62 9907 1145

The owner, Heather Cumming, is the author of "John of God" available on Amazon and ITunes.  She is also a Casa Official Translator, Translator to and for John of God, and a Casa Guide.  See her website for cost of rooms and Guide services. Rei Devi has 20 rooms that can hold a group of 40. Prices upon application.   (May 2015)

Pousada Dom Ingrid







Pousada do Gaucho

Av: Francisca Texeira Damas 706
Abadiania Go Brazil                                                    Phone/fax: 55 62 3343 1206
Phone:       55 62 3343 1590
Riccardo is an official Casa Translator: English, Portuguese, Spanish & French.   70 rooms with 120 people. 
R130 for single room with 3 meals. R220 for double room with 3 meals a day. (Prices at May 2015))  Taxis and vans.

Also, Riccardo has a new pousada: Pousada Vo Jandira, 62 9628 7408,

Rua Araguaia Qd E Lt 15, Bairro Lindo Haoizonte, Abadiania GO Brasil, in front of Pousada do Sul.  Price upon application (May 2015)

62 3343 2004                                                                        62 9338 1378                                                                        62 9837 4657                                                                        62 8288 1022

Pousada Dos Girassóis             (Claudio is an official Casa translator)






Pousada Europa

Av. Getúlio Vargas, Qd. 10 Lt. 04
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
Under construction.

Claudio and Miriam have a beautiful farm or 'fazenda' called 'Fim De Semana'. Day trips on the weekends. You can relax in the countryside with the blessing of the Entities. There are opportunities to swim, walk, fish or just to sit quietly and meditate. Lunch and transport are provided. For reservations contact Claudio or Miriam

Rua Santa Izabel, N. 64 - Lindo Horizonte, Abadiana, Goias.  Diagonally across from Cafe Central.                             62 8516 3947, 62 3343 1795 Organic food from their farm.

Pousada  Bernardino (was Pousada Furlan)

Pousada Fenix
Small quiet pousada across from Pousada Catarinense.

Av. Belem Qd 12 Lt 15, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania          62 3343 2068, Rita de Cassia, Portuguese, new pousada, garden, ceiling fans, in front of Dos Anjos 6 Rooms, 4 triple or 3 people and     2 double or two people, per person with breakfast is 80 reais. (Prices at May 2015)

Pousada Izaira



Pousada Santa Clara



Pousada Santa Helena

Av. Gerulio Vargas Qd 06 Lt 15, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania, Go Brazil 72940-000
62 3343-2373
62 3343-1780
Price upon application.

Av Getulio Vargas s/n Qd. 01 Lt. 07, Bairro Lindo Horionte Abadiania Go Brasil            62 9956 6658  / 62 8609 5505                                              Price upon application.

Av. Francisca Teixeira Damas No. 823, Abadianai Go Brazil (next door to Casa) Email: pousada

62 3343 1295, English and Portuguese.                                   19 rooms with 35 people, 95 reais with breakfast or 120 reais with 3 meals.    (Prices at May 2015)

Pousada Acolher

Rua 3, Qd 12 no. 210 Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania
(062) 3343-2314 (tel); (062) 8166-1585  Valder

Price $R110 per person, 12 rooms with 45 people (Prices May 2015)

Pousada Luz Divina







Pousada Luz do Sol

Rua 1 de Maio Qd. A Lote 19, Abadiania, GO Brasil 72940-000
011 55 (62) 3343 1830     Portuguese and English spoken.
Beautiful floral garden, quiet side-street location 4 minute walk to Casa.  Garden rooms with wi-fi, ceiling fans. Free international calls to 40 countries land phones and free use of computers. Night Security. Arranges airport taxis & guide service to Casa. 32 rooms with 80 people.  Rates: $95.R to $145.R including 3 meals a day.  Prices to be updated.
Double occupancy - $10 Reais less per person.
Triple Occupancy - $20 Reais less per person.
Breakfast Only - $15 Reais less per day.

Rua 1 de Maio Qd A Lt 1 Casa 2 Vila Bostos, Abadiania. Portuguese, Lucilene / 62 3343 1088 / 62 8518 7369 9 rooms, breakfast included.

Pousada Martins

Rua Francisca Teixeira Damas Qd 16 Lt 02,                          Bairro Lindo Horizonte Abadiania GO
62 3343 1352
24 rooms with 2 or 3 per room.  Price upon application.

Pousada Nosso Lar




Pousada Noberto Kist (official Casa Translator)


Pousada Mae de Deus



Pousada Nosso Senhora Fatima


Pousada Nossa Senhora da Abadia



Pousada do Sul or                    Pousada Nosso Senhora das Gracas




Pousada Por do Sol

Av. Francisca Texiera Damas 545
Bairro Lindo Horizonte
Abadiania Go Brazil 72940-000  (062) 3343-1372 (tel)
32 Rooms, single, double, triples.  R100 each person per day with breakfast. They do not serve lunch or dinner. (Prices May 2015)

Rua 5 Qd A Lote B7, Abadiania, 51 9978 5801, 62 8593 1773,  62 3343 1772 (fax), 62 3343 1447, 62 3343 1207, 202 rooms with 50 people.

Rua 6 Qd. 15 Lt. 13, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania  Goias 72940 Brasil - 8 rooms, 25 people. Cell 9947 6117 / 55 62 3343 1780     Blanca Dione speaks very good English.

Ave Francisca Teixeira Damas Qd 16 Lote 3, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania - 62 3343 2428 12 rooms 70 people. 70 reais with breakfast per day per person.

Rua 7 Lote 1 A, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania                      62 8450 6052  /  62 9328 9747

Price on Application.

Rua Araguaia Qd.F Lot 7, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania,      62 3343 1171 / 62 8214 5102  Speak German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

20 rooms for 40 people, 75 reais with breakfast, 105 reais with 3 meals.  Some simple rooms for 30 reais per day. (Prices at May 2015)

Av. Belem Qd. 15 Lt 14 B, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadianai GO Brasil, 62 8502 9050  /  6291779015 6 rooms, 14 people. 120 reais per person with 3 meals per day.  With a 4-star world renowned restaurant on the first floor.


Pousada Pousalegre

Av JK No. 265, Centro Abadiania (Central Abadiania on the highway) 62 3343 1385  Potuguese.  Alexandrina and Jair Borges are the owners.  4 rooms and 1 person per room.  60 reais per night.  (Prices at May 2015)

Pousada Santa Maria

Av. Francisca Teixeira Dama Qd 8 Lt 5, Abadiânia Go Brazil 72940-000 - Arthur Rios
Phone: 62 3343-1073 / 62 9622 4945
Located just a few steps from the Casa de Dom Inácio, Santa Maria offers simple, clean rooms that open onto a quiet, enclosed courtyard away from the street.  English, Portuguese. 33 rooms - 60 people.  Prices: 20 antigua rooms singe R120 per day with 3 meals, double R220 with 3 meals.  13 new rooms single R140 per day with 3 meals, R240 double per day with 3 meals. (Prices at May 2015)

Free wifi, taxi service available, arranged trips to special spiritual sites, screened windows, fans.  Co-owned by Arturo Rios, a Casa interpreter, and Wayne Conforti, a Casa guide

Pousada Santa Rita

Av Francisca Texiera Damas, Abadiania
62 3343 1243, 62 3343 2085, Maria and Veronica
20 rooms with 40 people, (May 2015)


Pousada Sao Francisco de Assis



Av Francisca Texeira Damas no. 823, Abadiania  62 3343 1089 9348 / 9447 8409 1521  Portuguese and English

37 room with 70 people, price upon application, second pousada next to the Casa.  (May 2015)

Sao Miguel Pousada




Pousada Sao Gabriel





Pousada Sao Jose



Hotel Villerejo


Pousada e Taxi do Cabral



Av Francisca Teixeira Damas 727, Villa Bastos, Abadiania GO
(62) 3343-2021 (tel); English and Portuguese
33 rooms with 40 people.  Daily rate is R$130 per person with 3 meals.  Services include taxi, keyed front door, garden, waterfall; very near Casa. (Prices at May 2015)  Manager:  Karla Camargo.  Fluent English.

Rua 5 Qd 14 Lt 12, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania 72940-000  Phones: 62 8419 1197, 62 8184 4280, 62 9282 868

Junior is the owner. English, Portuguese, TV / airconditioning, 12 rooms holding 30 poeple. 120 reais per night per person.  New pousada.

Av Francisca Teixeira Damas no. 59                                          62 3343 1231 / 62 9261 2585 / 62 9803 5150 / 62 8429 6881 English and Portugues, 15 rooms with 40 people.  120 reais per person with 3 meals.  (May 2015 prices)

Rue 7 No. 102, Bairro Lindo Horizonte, Abadiania                     55 62 3343 2020 / Takeaway meals or food to go on Casa days Wed thru Friday, from 11am to 3pm.

Av Getulio Vargas Qd. 03 Lt. 13, Abadiania, Go Brasil               3343 2107 / 9628 4060 / 8409 5697 Price upon application.

Some of the pousadas offer a monthly rate. However lower rates for longer stays may be negotiable as well as lower rates for fewer meals.

Breakfast is always included; you can pay for as many or as few other meals as you take there: Keep track! Food more to your liking, or more varied, can be had various places in town.


All hotels (pousadas) include breakfast with the room rental. Lunch and dinner are served in most hotels buffet-style. Dining is open to non-residents, so you may dine anywhere in the village, though it is courteous to let your hosts know when you will be dining elsewhere. There are luncheonettes, cafes, pizza parlors and bakeries for eating out.

A typical lunch or dinner in the hotels offers cooked vegetables, salads, beans, rice, and meat. Bottled water is sold in the pousadas, as it is not advisable to drink tap water. An additional charge applies to drinks and desserts. It is safe to eat raw fruit and vegetables and drink the beverages in the pousada dining rooms. Food preparation standards generally are regulated by the Casa and accord with the dietary restrictions when taking herbs.


Laundry services are available at a modest price at most pousadas. Charges are typically added to your bill. Rates are modest. Your laundry will be washed, pressed and returned to you in a couple days (depending on the weather, as clothes are sun-dried).


You'll find pay phones on the main street of the village and at the Casa to make national calls.

Another recommended option is to buy an international calling card from AT&T. It works fine. You get an English-speaking recording that guides you through the steps, which are easy.

You can also rent cellular phones in Rio, São Paolo or Brasilia for about US$6 per day and US$3.45 per minute. They reportedly work better in Abadiania than in, say, some parts of New York City ....

Local numbers are 7 digits. When telephoning within Abadiânia, no prefix required.
Telephoning outside Abadiânia requires you to add a prefix as well as the area code (62). The prefix determines which telephone company will connect you. The normal prefixes are 014 and 021. Thus to telephone, say, the number 3113001 in Anápolis (same area code of 062), you need to dial 014-62-3113001.
To dial international you also need a prefix. You can either use 0021 or 0023, then the country code, area code and the number.

Add 55 (country code) +62 - not 062 - when calling from outside Brazil.

Getting Around

Taxis and buses are the primary modes of transportation. Buses to neighboring towns are very reasonable. Inquire locally for bus stops and schedules. Taxis are easily arranged by hotel staff, or you may make your own arrangements; some drivers speak English. It is an easy walk to the commercial parts of town.
Have your pousada arrange for your taxi needs.


- To keep mosquitos out of your room during the rainy season, it is helpful to close your windows at sundown and not open them again until morning.
- Bring a little flashlamp, useful in the event of a powercut
- For light sleepers, it is a good idea to bring earplugs (wax earplugs are best). It can be quite noisy at night-time with dogs barking, roosters crowing, trucks etc