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~What is a Novena?~ By Grainne McEntee

A novena is a series of prayers that are said for 9 straight days, usually as a prayer of petition but sometimes as a prayer of thanksgiving. It is a formulated prayer that uses a script to vocalize the thoughts, feelings and needs we have that perhaps we may not be able toconvey on our own. A particular Saint can be invoked to bring our intentions before the throne of God. Each of the days we can reflect on the life of the Saint and meditate on their trails.

ANovena can be said anytime and seems to be most effective when said on the specific dates designated. It can be a collective consciousness asking the Divine Power for help. We unite ourselves to the will of God and by concentration on special intentions for 9 days we are placing prayer in a high place of importance. We trust in God to calm us, uplift us and provide us with confidence, comfort and peace.

The word novena means 9 in Latin The number "nine" has a great symbolic richness. On the one hand, it is derived from the Trinity and Divine number "three" - being "three times three". In the Christian tradition Saint Paul enumerates nine fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It's the number of the hierarchy, represented by nine choruses of the Angels. Often the Entity when he is doing physical interventions often says I am working on 9 places in the body.

The Catholic Church explains the Novena in this way ..... Before Christ ascended into heaven, he commanded his Apostles to remain in the city of Jerusalem for the nine days until the feast of Pentecost, and there to await the descent of the Holy Spirit. With this, our Savior instituted the practice of the Christian Novena - nine days of prayer, especially in preparation for a solemn feast or in petition forsome special grace. Christ Jesus commanded this first novena both as a period of preparation (since the feast of Pentecost was approaching) and also as an act of petition (for the Apostles, together with Mary, were pleading for the Holy Spirit to come as their Advocate).

Whatever our beliefs we can ask the Divine power for help any time and the Novena is a good place to start.


Saint Ignatius's Novena - compiled by Grainne McEntee


Saint Francisco Xavier's Novena ~ Compiled by Grainne Mc Entee


Saint Rita of Cassia's Novina ~ Clompiled by Grainne Mc Entee